Thursday, February 22, 2018


Home By Melissa Baker Nguyen 
After countless moves as a little girl, and a few more moves under my belt as an adult... I think I may have finally figured out what home actually means.

I've not so secretly been working on writing and illustrating a children's book about home. During our stay in Vietnam, we saw people come and go, we came and went, and well... when you pack up your life into 6 suitcases and move across the world, Home ends up having a different meaning.

This book is for the movers and shakers...  it's for anyone and everyone who has ever made a move, or is planning a move... it's for the Expat kids, children of Military men and women, your best friend... it's for everyone.

I hope you will order your copy and enjoy it ~ available on Amazon!

Can't wait to hear what you think about it!
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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Pretty Quiet- Update.

I've been pretty quiet on the blog... amidst all of the amazing excitement of getting my book ready for print- my proofs arrive end of February- not sure I can wait, but alas... waiting is one thing I do well... for a time ;)

We are in Transition... transitions are hard, but exciting... and we've been here before, my brain says... "you've got this... we know how it goes", and my heart says, "Oh my gooooodness- why????". 
We are transitioning back to Canada... like forever? for a time? where in Canada? Canada is a big place... I have no answers.  

Amidst the transition, I'm dealing with some serious grief... it's overwhelming, it sweeps up and catching me off guard, like heat in my body, then tears... it has to do with feeling unsettled, babies, and realising that 40 is coming, and well we all know what we've been told about 40- it's all down hill from here... nice society, nice.  

Even though I am following a dream to write and illustrate, I am grieving a dream to be a mom...

I cannot explain how it feels, some of you know these feelings, and some of you don't. No matter how hard I try, I won't be able to explain these feelings, because I can barely figure them out for myself.

Through all this stuff... the tears, the fears, the excitement, the transition... I'm learning patience... still trusting, and still waiting. 

I wonder if waiting is the name of the game. 

I wonder if what matters is during the waiting-  

What we do in the waiting may be what is most important... do we let the waiting dictate the doing, or do we continue living / thriving in the waiting... How do we make sure that our attitudes are good, how do we make sure that our heart are soft and not hard... how to we ward off disappointments... how to we stay calm, and peaceful, when anxiety and fear of the unknown want to take over?

I'm living in the waiting, creating, working, dreaming, and believing that all will work out, and all will be well...

These words were shared with me this week, from Sarah Young's devotional, Dear Jesus:

"Bring me your restless heart, and wait while I speak peace into its depths - stilling the troubled waters of your soul.”

From the verse, Mark 4:39 "... Peace be still..."

I hope that wherever you are in your life... this speaks to you,

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©2018 LostBumblebee MDBN
Bible Mark 4:39
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Word before World

We are currently in big transition, we moved home to take a job that didn't end up panning out, which threw our end game right out the window, and now we are dealing with a whole new playbook, and a lot of 'what ifs'...

Transition isn't easy. Ever. I've lived an entire life of transition. When I was little my parents planted churches, we moved around, across Canada and back again, and now it seems that my own personal life hasn't been much different, except, I'm not planting churches. I do however, hope that I am planting positivity, and generating hope everywhere I go. To be completely honest, I know I am not always positive, and not always full of hope. I try, and sometimes my brain is saying, "come on Missie, you've got this, this isn't an issue, we know what we are doing", and my emotions are having a full on, level 10 melt down in aisle 6 of Walmart. That is life.

Our transition has brought us to my Dad and his wife's house- both of whom I love very much... but it isn't really my home. I wake up to CNN, I go to bed to CNN... guys I for years have avoided sensationalized news, basically listening only to the hourly (and not every hour on the hour... maybe once a day)  on the CBC radio in Canada because I felt they were at least semi moderate and trustworthy.  If that isn't enough to tell you how much all of this sensationalized news affects me, I dreamt about the Trump administration shenanigans the other night. It has infiltrated my dreams, Oi.

I do think it is important to keep up on what is happening in the world, but in all seriousness... there is an entire world that things are happening too,  and we have no idea, it's hidden underneath all of the chaos, half the time we don't even hear about it.  Yes, stay up to date on news and events... but also, we need a measuring stick, we need a breather, we need a True North, and we need Truth.

This print will be on my night stand (as soon as I take it to print, and get a little frame for it) as a reminder... Missie... Word before World. I need the Word in you to be able to stay on course, I need the quiet to be able to hear, I need time to process... I need the Word. I need to read my bible, not just my devotion every day (My Utmost for His Highest- By Oswald Chambers (you can buy on Amazon here) is this year's devotional, and so far I am loving it).

So if you are like me, in a year of transition, and honestly who isn't?! Then this little print might just be what you need to see this year...

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Book?! Yes, a Book!

 Buy Now!

What? I illustrated a book?! Yup I did! It has always been dream of mine to write and illustrate children's books. I am kind of obsessed with them, I have a large collection of children's literature in my own personal library, because I believe books are part of what shapes little people, and whenever I can, it is an honour to give books, to read books, and now to illustrate books.

It all started one day when a new girl showed up in my Vietnamese language class, we were all introducing ourselves and I said I was an designer, artist, illustrator, graphics whatever (I still don't know what to call myself) generally I verbally spew whatever word comes up first, and then keep adding to it- which gets me in trouble sometimes, because then people assume I can do whatever they need- and if it comes to art, usually I can... but I don't always want too, and I often just say, "oh wow that sounds like an awesome project, I hope you find the right person to work on it with you... I don't think it's for me".

I'm always quite leery of who I work with, and what I get myself into, I don't like to be tied down, and I am very particular with whom I share my creativity with. (I've had lots of experience working with creativity draining people...and whomp, whomp, whomp... it kinda kills you a slow death...)

But this day, Christina introduced herself as a Children's book writer, and then she pipes up "Do you want to illustrate my new book" and I said "yes". That yes so easily rolled off my tongue, it surprised me.  But as you know my word for the year was Trust... and I knew that I needed to walk through whatever doors opened... and apparently this one had just opened. I honestly figured at some point we'd laugh about it, and she'd move on and find someone else. She didn't.

And so the rest is history, and we've created a beautiful book, that resonates with me, because it is all about my Husband's birth place, we don't have children of our own to share it with (you can read more about that all throughout my blog, or get the gist on the about me page- which is literally, about me). This book is a fun story of two children who travel... this time to Vietnam and see the sights, experience weird food, and have a blast while doing it.

I'm really excited to introduce you to Aya and Bobby a brother and sister who discover the sights and sound of foreign lands. You can check out their story and read about Vietnam and Thailand here. (more countries, cities, and sights are in the works!)

And if you'd like to purchase your own copy of this very special book, you can do that through Amazon. I am super proud of the work Christina and I have done,  and I cannot wait for you to read it!  If you read it and love be sure to leave an amazon review for me!

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Aya and Bobby Discover Vietnam  ~ Land of the Ascending Dragon ~
Aya and Bobby Discover Vietnam
~ Land of the Ascending Dragon ~
Aya and Bobby Discover Vietnam  ~ Land of the Ascending Dragon ~
Aya and Bobby Discover Vietnam
~ Land of the Ascending Dragon ~

Monday, January 8, 2018


Starting week two of this new awesome year, and I am sure that many of you are feeling like me... I've already blown it.  I've not done enough, I haven't read enough, I haven't created enough, I haven't eaten well enough, I haven't been to the gym enough, I haven't been who I planned on being... enough. Enough. 

When your heart gets overwhelmed by comparing, listening to the negativity in your head, too many tv ads telling you are not enough, then we need to say "enough!".  Enough. 

Let the new day wash over you like the waves of the ocean and know that you are enough.

When you heart gets overwhelmed turn to the one who stills the seas, calms the roaring waves, and whispers... enough. You are enough. 

On this beautiful blustery winter day, quiet yourself enough to hear God whisper, you are enough... 
because you are, just the way you are.

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