Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We can make a difference.

We can make a difference, one little bit at a time. Please take a read at this awesome opportunity to help raise funds for immediate relief in Haiti. Boots on the ground relief, feeding children, offering shelter, and starting to rebuild. Now.

I've had the opportunity to once again partner up with Tanya Zaleski Photocreations and Elena from JustMe Prints, to  help raise money for HAITI RELIEF. 

The devastation left in the path of Hurricane Matthew, is heartbreaking, we must keep these words close to our hearts as we see devastation in our world, we may not be able to do everything, but we can do something...

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something.​And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do."— Edward Everett Hale

Keep reading to hear Tanya's words and her vision for this incredible project:

In 2013, when a typhoon devastated the Philippines, my heart broke. But knowing individuals on the ground, already mobilized to make things happen, I was propelled to do something concrete. I collaborated with my friends over at LostBumblebeeGraphics and JustMEprints to launch what would be a successful fundraising campaign.  Now here we are again. Haiti needs our help.

Haiti needs immediate assistance. And we know people on the ground ready to make real things happen now. A team has already been mobilized and is waiting on resources to rebuild homes, remedy pending starvation, and consequently respond to the cholera epidemic. 15,000 people are without shelter, and even more face a lack of food. We need to act today.

We've all been frustrated with reports of funds mismanaged after Haiti's last natural disaster. But this frustration is not a reason to throw our hands up and do nothing. It is a reason to become wiser with our generosity. I've long believed that the most effective way to help in times of crisis is to empower legitimate indigenous labourers, both using resources on hand as well as stimulating the local economy.

You will receive a tax deductible receipt for any donation over $20.

As a special THANK YOU, LostBumblebee, JustMe, and I would like to thank you by offering a free 12 month printable calendar of your choosing for a donation of any amount.*


Please don't delay in donating, and please share this effort, and these calendar images!

*Printable calendars: Printers such as VistaPrint will print, bind and ship you the completed images. Keep your eyes peeled, as I've seen those full size calendars go down to as little as $5 each! Amazing for Christmas gifts!

*To receive your calendar images, please include your email address in the "add special instructions" section.

TO DONATE, please click button below and comment HAITI in the "add special comments section".

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Do I actually need a Hashtag to do something?

Do I actually need a hashtag to do something? Do I need to be accountable to the entire internet to actually be doing something? Isn't this slightly counter productive, isn't what we do in the quiet of our own personal lives what matters, not just what we do when people can see us? hear us? watch us?

The Hashtag, #livinglifeonpurpse2015 leads me to ask; Am I still living life on purpose?  How can I make conscious to decisions to step outside of my comfort zone (my sweet little apartment) and go into the real (big, loud, scary, Vietnamese speaking) WORLD around me and serve... just to write this freaks me out, because I know I am being called to something here, and I can feel it coming- ha! Kinda like a freight train... and I know it will be awesome, but man will it take me WAY outta my comfort zone...

Who? What? When? Where? How? I have no idea, but the Why? because Jesus said Go + Love. So I've got one of six... that's a start.

Thought for the day, do you need a hashtag to go, love + serve?

What would you do if no one ever heard you, saw you, or knew anything that you were doing, would you still go, love, and serve?

Share the love,

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Thursday, October 6, 2016


This weekend coming in Canada is Thanksgiving... we celebrate thanksgiving in Canada because we are truly grateful for the life that we have, for a bountiful harvest, for peace, and so much more;

In 1879 Canadian Parliament proclaimed: A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed...

How awesome is that? Now this is just for our Canadian Parliament... Martin Frobisher the arctic explorer was said to have celebrated it in 1578... and way before that our First Nations and Native Americans were celebrating their harvest festivals.

Thanksgiving is a heart celebration, a small moment in time to stop, breathe, look around you, see that God is good, and that we have much to celebrate. We are truly blessed. I've never been in a situation so bad, or frustrating that if I took a moment, I couldn't find something to be thankful for... I just have to take that moment.

This will be my third year not being in Canada to celebrate one of my absolute favourite holidays -Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter round out this girl's trio of celebrations- and I am kinda sad about it. I miss the crispness in the air, I miss the craziness of trying to get 100 dishes to the table at the same time, I miss trying to squeeze 15 people around an 8 seater table... I miss that moment of looking around at the chaos, whispering a thank you, and feeling absolute peace in my heart.

There are no markers here in Vietnam to show us that the seasons are changing- I'm sure the Vietnamese people have markers, I'm sure they see that the seasons are changing- but I don't. It's hot, wet, and hot and wet, and somedays it's wet and hot. That's about how I see it here... So no way to be reminded that the seasons are changing... to stop and give thanks, to see the coloured leaves...

I haven't decided what I will cook to celebrate our personal Thanksgiving, or if I will order a roasted chicken for the Mister... how I will make stuffing with no spices? where to find orange sweet potatoes? What about pumpkin pie? I have no idea... but what I do know for sure is that I will take a moment, and sit and ponder this crazy life that I am so grateful for.

What is your heart grateful for this Canadian Thanksgiving?
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Monday, September 26, 2016


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Ack, I'm homesick. I feel sad, frustrated, annoyed, antisocial, and lonely. I miss Timothy the dog, I miss my nieces and nephews, I miss the crazy loud Nguyen family (although I do hear lots of noisy Vietnamese people right here in my own apartment. Who knew the Vietnamese were loud a people? I always thought it was just Duy's family, apparently it's all of them! and it's awesome!)

I miss my mom, I don't live close to her - but knowing that she was just an hour flight away had a calming effect, I could go anytime... I miss my dad, 3 hour drive, I can do that solo and hang out... My sister, her hubby and kids... I miss them all! AND that doesn't even get into the fact that I miss things, I miss my mugs, I miss my favourite chair, my books, the blue skies, the fresh air, the familiarity...  I even miss how the dust dances across the sun shining in my windows.

It's crazy what you miss... I mean I am in communication with everyone, but it just isn't the same... they are just that much further away, and I miss them...

Today isn't going to be the only day I am homesick... it'll happen over and over and over again, and somedays I'll entertain it, and somedays I won't... today I am entertaining these thoughts... But I'm also keeping in mind that Home is where you make it.

In order to make this my home, I bought a new couch... looks an awful lot like my couch at home... same colour exactly - and it makes me happy just to see it. I'm on the hunt for a new mug, OR I'm going to take a pottery class and make one, that will kill two birds with one stone. We've found a church that is full of amazing people who are fast friends and we've become part of a new church community. I'm signed up to be a seller at a Christmas Bazaar. I'm getting up my nerve and energy to have a few people over for a CreativiTEA Party-bring the stuff you are working on, and lets have tea, cookies, conversation and create! (and that tea, will probably end up being coffee - cause, well, you know me.)

So I'm trying to carve out a new life here. Is it easy? No. Do I spend way too much time on Facebook trying to keep up with all of my friends from home? Yes. Will that change? Probably not. Will I be ok? Absolutely. Will I be ok today? Well, let's just say I will survive-

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Anytime is a Good Time for Coffee.

Today I needed more than one cup of coffee... it was one of those days, when you look at the clock and realize that it is only 10:30 in the morning, so why the heck not?!

Plus, anytime is a good time for another cup of coffee- Happy Coffee-ing!

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